Good morning! I am finally getting to write this post. I have been planning to do it for several weeks but it seems like something would always distract me and I'd do everything else but. 

Growing up, I received mixed messages about God. My dad thought of it as nothing more than a way for the 'powers that be' to keep people in control and under their thumb. My mom believed but I never knew it as a kid because she did it all privately. When I would see my extended family, my grandma, and aunts on my mothers side, they all seemed the same. 'Holier than thou.'  It was like they had an air about them that they were better than everyone else. Of course looking back now I see they did not know how to deal with people. They actually thought it helped to shoot 'fire and brimstone' judgement down on others. Of course they wouldn't tell these 'others' they would just tell it about the 'others' and we'd hear it as kids. 

My mom and dad divorced back around '87 and we, my mom and I moved back to our 'home  town' of Goldsboro, NC in '89. It seems the longer we have stayed here the more my mom has 'become' more like them. (I seem to act like a redneck these days myself) That is how the 'old school' Christians acted. They never tried to 'help' you walk the walk, they just told you (and anyone who would listen) all you did wrong in not walking the walk. 

Which as I learn more about God's Word, the more I realize these are 'generational curses' that we need help breaking in our lives.  

For the last few months I have been in earnest prayer about my faith. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW I AM SAVED but AFTER that, according to Peter, I am to add to this to make my calling sure: 

2 Peter 5-11
"And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;
And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;
And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.
For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.
10 Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:
11 For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

I have been reading a couple of books by Derek Prince. "By Grace Alone" and "Prayers & Proclamations." As I said earlier I have been meaning to write this post for some time now largely because of the "Prayers & Proclamations" book. I have come across some gold 'nuggets' in it and I've been wanting to share them as I've discovered them. It seems like every time I'd read one I felt I wanted to share I'd get online to share but I'd think I need another 'utility' to help my studies or my browser or something. This time it almost got away from me again just like that but I have been praying that the Father would help me to do what it is He would have me to do. I think though that is one of the reasons "Peter" talks about 'giving all diligence'. It is not something that is going to be easy but I have to be determined to do it. This is what I got when I 'googled' 'diligence': 

"noun - careful and persistent work or effort.
synonyms: conscientiousness, assiduousness, assiduity, hard work, application, concentration, effort, care, industriousness, rigor, meticulousness, thoroughness; perseverance, persistence, tenacity, dedication, commitment, tirelessness, indefatigability, doggedness 

"they set about their tasks with diligence"

I am going to post the one that lifted off the page to me below then I will comment some more. 

"The weapons of my warfare are mighty in God. With them I pull down strongholds that Satan has built in my mind. I bring all my thoughts into obedience to Christ. Three of my mightiest weapons are proclamation, thanksgiving, and praise." (Based on 2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

This is one I need to proclaim maybe daily for a while. Until it sinks in and becomes memorized. Well, it must have been meant for me to share this because believe it or not, I can't think of anything else to share right now. Or maybe I can think of soooo many things I want to meditate on it and allow the Holy Spirit to work it out. 

I just know that God is good. He promised to never leave me nor forsake me. He said if I ask for bread He will not give me a stone or serpent. I believe Him. He knows my heart and that I want to shine the light of His TRUTH to others. This is not 'truth' as the world would call it but the DIVINE TRUTH of the LIVING GOD as seen in JESUS CHRIST. 

Have a blessed weekend. 

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This is Harry. He is One Exceptional Cat.
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